Let’s Keep Talking

The new Easter Season resources, Let’s Keep Talking, for the Unsettling Goods campaign are here! The poster and brochure were sent out in Infopac on Jan 16, and the worship, workshop and video resources are now online

We know that some of you will not have received the poster and brochure, so invite you to let us know if you’d like those print materials. If you need multiple brochures for use with a group or faith community, we will ship them to you. Either way, just reply with your mailing address to unsettling-goods@united-church.ca with your request.

Let’s Keep Talking! About just peace in Palestine and Israel – Enliven the Easter Season (Apr 12 – May 17) with Courageous Conversations about just peace in Palestine and Israel

 How to Use this Brochure and Poster in your Congregation

 This brochure and poster are designed to be used as conversation starters in your congregation. They name common questions and myths that often block us from having helpful discussions about just peace in Palestine and Israel.  Each response is intended to encourage deeper consideration of the issue. 

ORDER NOW! – Free copies of this brochure are available for each member of your faith community.  Request copies, to be used in worship and workshops, at Unsettling Goods Mailbox (unsettling-goods@united-church.ca )

 Use with online resources:

  1. Worship Resources – suggestions for 3 Sundays between Easter and Pentecost- prayers, lectionary reflections, sermons ideas, hymn and video suggestions.
  2. Workshop Outline – process for using the videos, and brochure in an interactive process that encourages courageous conversations.
  3. Video Mosaic of Voices – collection of two minute videos for use in worship and workshops. Each video offers a response to one question. From UCC members, partners and friends around the world such as – Moderator Gary Paterson; Nora Carmi, Palestinian  partner; Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Shomer  Shalom Network for Jewish Non Violence;  Izzeldin Abuelaish, professor and doctor; Dawn Waring, Ecumenical Accompanier; Liat Rosenberg, from the Israeli organization, Zochrot: and David Giuliano, former UCC moderator.
  4. Short Study Outline for Meetings – for Board, Presbytery, or UCW meetings. Use with videos and brochure.

“Let’s Keep Talking!” is part of the UCC Unsettling Goods Campaign.

More information about these and other resources for prayer, study and action at www.united-church.ca/getinvolved/unsettling-goods

Barbara Lloyd
Program Coordinator
Church in Mission Unit
The United Church of Canada


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