Watch for the “2015 Federal Election Resource Kit”

2015 Federal Election is scheduled for Oct 19, 2015 but may come earlier.

The UCC is producing an Election Resource Kit which will be available in the near future:-
Kit Introduction
What do you care about? Is it climate change? Peace? Health care? Regardless of what matters most in your life, the 2015 federal elections will have an enormous impact on these issues. Now more than ever, all faith voices need to be heard in the political process. It is our right and duty to participate in forming a government that reflects the will of its people.

Your vote will make a difference. Matters of Aboriginal rights, food security, and homelessness are not isolated to far-off lands but are present in every community in our country. The more we know about how our faith and values can influence government policies, the more we have a chance to transform our own and others’ lives for the common good. We witness to our faith in a just and life-giving God in the public arena by advocating for justice and peace. This is our faith and our vote.

“Shout out, do not hold back! Lift up your voice like a trumpet!” (Isaiah 58:1)

The United Church has been active in the public arena—including elections—since its earliest days. The founders of this church believed that ours is a living faith and witness to the ministry of Jesus Christ that is expressed in active, thoughtful involvement in society. It is important for people of faith to bring forward the consistent message that every individual must be cherished and included, and that the earth must be carefully tended. Our combined voices have greater impact when we work together.

Our non-partisan strategy aims to raise awareness about these issues and to build relationships around them with politicians and in communities across Canada. To help you promote justice, peace, and creation issues in your community during the federal election, this kit provides information based on United Church policy.

Contents of the Federal Election Kit –
Organizing an All Candidates Meeting
Attending an All Candidates Meeting
Questions for Candidate
Recommended Websites – ecumenical partners; civil society organizations; political parties
Using the Media

Questions for Candidates – 2015 Federal Election Kit Topics : ( short background and current context; one key issue for each; 3 or 4 sample questions for candidates)
Aboriginal Justice (Idle No More, TRC, FPIC)
Climate Justice (Climate change, energy) – KAIROS, CCC 2010 statement, CPJ
Criminal Justice and Corrections
Development – (ODA Act, charity and justice)
Health Care Economic Justice  (“fiscal responsibility” and GDP; tax fairness; oikumene of the household; social unrest) – CCPA
Food Sovereignty – a) seeds and b) Food Secure Canada ask?
Gender Identity (Transgender Bill)
Migrant Justice – (KAIROS temporary foreign workers; xenophobia; racism, respect for rights, benefits, exploitation)
Mining Justice –  ( FPIC, CNCA)
Palestine/Israel – (self-determination; statelessness, peace)
Poverty (child poverty, aboriginal, Dignity for All, CCC 0210 statement, CPJ)
Refugee and Immigration- (CCR, health, poverty, welcome, UCC sponsorship)
Trade – (foreign investment, dispute settlements, free trade agreements)

 Barbara Lloyd
Program Coordinator
Church in Mission Unit

The United Church of Canada
3250 Bloor St. W., Suite 300
Toronto,  ON  M8X  2Y4
Tel:  416-231-7680 # 4196
Toll free 1-800-268-3781 #4196
Fax:  416-231-3103


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