Refugee Sponsorship Opportunities

Blended Visa-Office Referred Refugee Opportunities

Refugee sponsorship is one of the most satisfying outreach opportunities for a congregation where we can literally save lives. Recently the United Church has been made aware of a number of refugee opportunities which ease the financial commitment to a refugee family. The Blended Visa-Office Referred (BVOR) cases have the federal government provide income support for 6 months of the 12 month sponsorship term. Congregations often have access to donations of furniture, clothing and kitchen supplies which reduce the financial commitment required for a refugee family. In addition congregation members and even non-affiliated community are very generous when it comes to a focused outreach project with a “face” such as refugee sponsorship.

There are refugees of Eritrean, Iraqi and Karen (Burmese) ethnicities – all of which have established communities in Regina and Saskatoon and in some smaller cities and towns in Saskatchewan. There are individuals and families with children available for sponsorship. If your congregation is interested in saving a life you may contact Darren Wooff, Saskatchewan Conference Refugee Liaison at or 306-343-7101 or Melodie Mui, Church in Mission, The United Church of Canada at or 416-231-7680 x4142.