Interfaith Trumps Justice:

Naim Ateek’s response to the Episcopal Bishops in light of their recent vote
against divestment

Canadian Friends of Sabeel (CFOS) published Rev.Naim Ateek’s letter to Presiding Bishop elect Michael Curry and the College of Bishops in response to the Episcopal Bishops’ recent vote against divestment.

Ateek’s letter is strongly worded and expresses how “heartbroken” he was by their decision.

He said, “The bishops’ vote is also a slap in the face of any bishop or any person who has a sense of justice and the courage to take a stand. It is a slap in the face of Archbishop Tutu who has said repeatedly that Israel’s injustice against the Palestinians is worse than apartheid.”

His letter is worth reading in full and sharing.

Rev. Ateek is President of the Sabeel Board.

Read the Letter to the Bishops

Curtis Marwood,
UNJPPI, Communication Coordinator & CFOS Board Member


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