Don’t say we didn’t know

We worked hard to delay or stop the demolition of Susiya but the destruction in the Negev continues.

Don’t say we didn’t know #465

On Sunday, 23rd August, 2015, earthworks for the building of the Jewish community Hiran, began.  Hiran will be built on, and instead of, the Bedouin village Umm Al Hiran.

On Wednesday, 26th August, 2015, representatives of the government, escorted by the police, came for a day of demolitions in Bedouin villages in the Negev.  In El-Za’arura, south-west of Arad, they uprooted olive trees and demolished a flood dam.  In Kufr Ser, near Dimona, they demolished a home. In Bir El Hammam, near moshav Nevatim, they destroyed three homes.  In Wadi Gawain, near Road No. 31, they demolished a shig (a Bedouin tent that serves as a community centre for men).

They demolished El’Araqib, yet again.

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