UNJPPI Website Updated with Current Palestinian News

The following news items have been posted to the UNJPPI Website.  Follow the links for more details.

BDS Wave of Solidarity
Starting this weekend October 16-18 Solidarity with the Palestinian popular resistance! Boycott Israel now! #SolidarityWaveBDS

Starting this weekend, join an international wave of action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. People of conscience who want to stand with the Palestinian struggle are urged to take action and develop Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions efforts. This would strongly convey to Palestinians that they are not alone.
Read the full callout here. – See more at: http://www.bdsmovement.net/solidarity-wave#sthash.URiREPFT.dpuf

Canadian church confirms need for economic pressure on Israel to end occupation of Palestinian territories
The United Church of Canada intends to pursue its policy of pressing for a peaceful solution to tensions between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories by continuing its economic action against businesses operating in illegal settlements.

UMKR supports Palestinians in defense of their lands
United Methodist Kairos Response (UMKR) has reacted with condemnation to land being confiscated from 58 Christian families in the Cremisan Valley. UMKR also condemns the stop-work order for a soccer field in the Muslim village of Wadi Foquin.

A number of recent updates from PIEF (Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum) have been issued in response to the recent increase in violent resistance to the occupation and oppressive Israeli response.  The following three posts are recirculated from the PIEF Post, a newsletter issued by PIEF.

Palestinians call on UN to investigate “Israeli crimes”
The cabinet of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) government on Thursday called on the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to probe “the Israeli crimes” in Palestinian territories. 

The government also called on the UN Security Council and all UN agencies as well as the Arab, Islamic and non-aligned countries “to bear the responsibility and act urgently to protect the Palestinian people.”

Don’t say we didn’t know #467
On Thursday, 3rd September, 2015, at 3:00 a.m., IDF soldiers entered the homes of six Palestinian families in Hebron to carry out search operations. They broke doors, damaged furniture and a car. Three men were arrested, then released, and summoned for interrogation. The Palestinians lodged a complaint that soldiers had stolen NIS 1200 and a gold pendant.
On Monday, 7th September, 2015, government representatives, escorted by the police, demolished a home in Umm Batin, near Omer. In El-Ghara, near Road 31, they demolished a home.
Don’t say we didn’t know #468
On Wednesday, 16th September, 2015, IDF soldiers came to the Bedouin village Khirbet Umm El Jamal, near Maskiot settlement, in the north of the occupied Jordan Valley. They confiscated a tractor belonging to a resident, and threatened all those living there that if they didn’t leave, their water tanks and farming equipment would be impounded.
Last January, 2015, the IDF demolished the entire village.
On Thursday, 17th September, 2015, government representatives, escorted by the police, again uprooted olive trees in the village Za’arura, near Kseife, in the Negev. They also yet again demolished El-Araqib.
Don’t say we didn’t know #469
On Monday, 21st September, 2015, 170 Palestinian children from Hebron passed through Qitioun checkpoint on the way to their (elementary) school. One or two kids threw stones at the soldiers. The soldiers responded by firing three tear-gas grenades and a stun grenade at the children. Returning from school, stones were again thrown and the soldiers responded with four tear-gas grenades fired at the children.
Don’t say we did not know #470
On Tuesday, 22nd September, 2015, a Palestinian shepherd from Fasayil, in the occupied Jordan Valley, crossed the road with his herd of sheep near the settlement Masua. While crossing, an Israeli (presumably a settler) came by in his car (a 4×4 Toyota). The shepherd signalled to him to stop and wait until the sheep had finished crossing. The Israeli continued to drive, running over and killing forty sheep and then immediately drove away.

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