AGM Update & Funding UNJPPI

I want to share with you that we had another great UNJPPI gathering in Halifax at the end of August.  Wonderful Maritime hospitality.

We had excellent presentations about BDS from Hind Awaad and David Wildman.  Some of my take-aways.

  • Choose a target product, let local people work out how they want to work with that target. Make it something that is winnable and around which education can happen.
  • Is destroying olive trees a Semitic activity? If that is what we are against so how can we be anti- Semitic?
  • One way to look at our work is that we are opposed to “identity-based” discrimination.

We set up a strategic planning team who have just completed work on  a strategy for  UNJPPI over the next year including how we can embark on BDS across Canada.

And the Co-ordinating Team is doing some immediate fund-raising as well as looking for a group of 5 or 6 people who will do some brainstorming about how we can raise funds to support our work.

Our “ask” at the AGM resulted in pledges of $6260.  People were generous with their support.  For those who made a pledge, will you please send your cheque to Susan (address below).

Now we want to ask the 250+ people in the Network who weren’t able to be with us at Halifax to make a financial contribution to our work.

Some people give monthly, sending Susan post-dated cheques.  Some make lump sum payments.

Please think about how you can support UNJPPI as we persist in seeking peace and justice for the people of Palestine and Israel.

Please send cheques made out to UNJPPI to
111-678 Broadview Avenue,
Toronto, M4K 2P2.

If, at this time, you prefer to make a pledge, please send that to Kathy Bergen

Our second ask: might you work on a fund-raising team?  We see this as people in various places working together through phone calls and e-mail to create a plan for how we can fund our work.   Brian and Kathy are creating a budget which will set out some targets for fund-raising.  If you are willing to think about fund-raising please e-mail me at

Thanks, everyone.  We are making progress on a time and place for our next gathering and we’ll let you know once this is settled.

Blessings, Marianna Harris, co-chair UNJPPI