Uncovering “Canada Park” National Tour with Heidar Abu Ghosh

Heidar Abu Ghosh was only 14 in 1967 when Israeli soldiers forced him and his Palestinian family to leave his village of Imwas in the middle of the night. Then they destroyed it. Then JNF Canada collected (tax free) donations to hide that destruction by turning the area into a park for Israelis.

In the 1967 war, Israel captured the village, and destroyed it along with two other neighbouring villages. The ruins are now buried under what’s called ‘Canada Park’, developed for use by Israelis with donations (tax free) from the Jewish National Fund of Canada.

The demolished village of Imwas is actually the biblical town of Emmaus, and the touring Palestinian, Heidar Abu Ghosh, is from that town, having been expelled in 1967.  Canada is complicit in the destruction of Imwas and two other villages, as the demolition was done to make way for Canada Park, which many Canadians still support financially.

For details of the events on the national tour in the cities listed in the flyer, click here to download a PDF file.


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