Update on the UNJPPI website

The following articles are recent postings on the UNJPPI website.
We encourage readers to use these resources in your local advocacy work.
If you are aware of pilgrimage visits to the Holy Land,
please refer the visitors to the postings on the UNJPPI website.

Open Letter to Dion re Amnesty International report – “Israeli Government must cease intimidation of human rights defenders…”
This letter to Stephane Dion was signed by Steve Berube and Marianna Harris (co-chairs of UNJPPI) as wellas Tyler Levitan (IJV) and Robert Assaly (on behalf of CEPAL)

The Women’s Boat to Gaza (WBG) is a Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) initiative. The Canadian Boat to Gaza is a major part of the Coalition and this initiative.  By launching a women’s boat, women from all over the world aim to highlight the undeniable contributions and indomitable spirit of Palestinian women who have been central within the Palestinian struggle in Gaza, the West Bank, inside the Green Line and in the diaspora.

Unitarian Universalist Association Divests from Companies Profiting from Israel’s Occupation of Palestinian Territories

Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East (UUJME) welcomes the recent decision of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) to divest from several companies involved in human rights abuses and environmental degradation.

Commentary on “Robert Fulford: Rise of the anti-BDS Movement”
Letter to the Editor by Steve Berube, Co-Chair, UNJPPI in response to Robert Fulford: Rise of the anti-BDS movement, National Post, April 15, 2016

United Methodist Kairos Response Welcomes Pension Fund Exclusion and Divestment of Israeli Banks
January 7, 2016 – The $20-billion Pension and Health Benefits Fund of the United Methodist Church has declared the five largest Israeli banks off limits for investment and has divested from the two that it held in its portfolios.

The new road map – The One State Solution – Ilan Pappe
An excellent analysis of the history of colonization, application of exclusion, ethnic cleansing and its distorted view of  ‘democracy’ and its impact in the 21st century, post-Oslo.
View on YouTube

Statement from the Commission for Justice and Peace ASSEMBLY OF THE CATHOLIC ORDINARIES OF THE HOLY LAND
We continue to cry out like the prophets did “Until when oh Lord” (cf. Habbakuk 1:2, Zechariah 1:12, Revelation 6:10). We repeat again that we, as disciples of Christ, condemn violence on all sides. Violence is violence and only begets more violence. We, as created in the image and likeness of our Father, need to learn another way to solve the conflict.
Why has this conflict gone on for so long? Is it really so complicated?

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