United Church supports MP consultations for climate action

From farmers to ranchers, from hunters to Indigenous communities, many in Saskatchewan rely on the land and water directly for their livelihood. We know climate change driven by fossil fuel use will have an impact on our communities and on God’s creation.

For many years, United Church communities have been involved in climate change action, and in 2016 we have an opportunity to make an impact on federal policies. The government has said it wants to issue a climate chance plan by the end of 2016, and across Canada groups want Members of Parliament to hear directly from the people on this crucial issue.  Our church is asking for our involvement, whether by making a personal commitment or by committing to speak with your MP. Here’s a summary:

You can also participate in a free webinar this Friday, May 13:

To church members in Regina and area especially: Lead Now is a group that is helping organize MP meetings, and they need some help with this in Regina. Please help spread the word. Ask people to fill in the form at the link below if they can help:

Of course, anyone anywhere in the province is welcome to get involved!


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