UNJPPI National Gathering – September 23-25 in Saskatoon


It is time to register for the UNJPPI national gathering at Saskatoon, Sept. 23-25.

Here is the address for the Eventbrite page (for more information and registration).


You will see we aren’t paying through Eventbrite and we have several categories of price, depending on whether you are flying and want to draw on the travel pool, whether you are staying at Queen’s House Retreat Centre or elsewhere in Saskatoon and whether you are from UNJPPI or a partner organization.

Only 30 people are able to stay at the Centre but 70 can come to the sessions so we are encouraging people to look for friends in Saskatoon!  And we have changed our schedule some so we really want you to stay for Sunday afternoon.  Our meals are Friday night supper and include Sunday lunch.

Pathways Forward to Justice and Reconciliation:  
Stories from Canada, Palestine and Israel
is the theme for our gathering.

We are trying to make connections between the stories of Canada and First Nations and Israel and Palestinians.  We are so pleased to have Lia Tarachansky showing her film “On the Side of the Road” Friday night and to have Jonathan Kuttab, Carmen Lansdowne and Brian Thorpe with us to talk about these issues as well as having Moderator, Jordan Cantwell with us and preaching on Sunday morning.

Please check out the Eventbrite page and register.  

We welcome people who have been to previous gatherings and we encourage newcomers to come and meet with people across Canada who are working together for justice and peace in Palestine and Israel.

Marianna Harris


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