World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

Dear friends,

The World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel will be held this year from September 18 – 24.  The theme is “God has broken down the dividing walls

New liturgical, action and animation resources can be found here:  Given deeply troubling situation in Palestine and Israel, we hope that these resources offer inspiration for animation in your local contexts.  They invite us to seek to enter into dialogue and to continue to break down the dividing walls that prevent a just peace for Palestine and Israel wherever we are.

To this end, we also lift up the following resources:

·        “Anti-BDS legislation Violates Free Speech” by David Wildman, an article that outlines the rise of Anti-BDS legislation that “seeks to empower state governments to punish selectively some who exercise their First Amendment rights”  These developments that are paralleled in Canada with the recent motion in the House of Commons and failed attempt to pass Bill C-202 in Ontario.

·        The “Let’s Keep Talking” resources ( ) invite members of United Church faith communities to engage in “courageous conversations” about just peace in Palestine and Israel. These resources are designed to help participants move beyond some of the myths, barriers, and questions that hold many of us back from fully engaging in the Unsettling Goods campaign. May these faithful and challenging conversations seed new understandings and new relationships.

In September, let us join together with people around the world to respond to the call to break down the walls that divide to build a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel.  The World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel is an initiative of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF) of the World Council of Churches

Christie Neufeldt
Program Coordinator
Church in Mission
The United Church of Canada
3250 Bloor St. West, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M8X 2Y4
1 800 268 3781 / 416 231 7680 ext. 4078
Fax: 416 231 3103


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