Comments by Steve Berube to Louise Martin at CBC regarding her report on Elizabeth May.

August 22, 2016

Dear Ms. Martin,

By way of background, I have served as a human rights observer in Bethlehem for the World Council of Churches and I co-chair the United Church network seeking a just peace in Palestine and Israel (UNJPPI – United Network for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel).

You characterized BDS as a movement against Israel – it is not. This idea plays into the narrative constructed by the Israeli government and pro-Netanyahu groups. BDS is pro international human rights and humanitarian laws. It is non-violent and seeks a just peace for Palestinians and Israelis alike through an end to the 49 year long illegal occupation as defined by the 4th Geneva Convention and as determined by the International Court of Justice in two separate cases. The illegal occupation has further been condemned by the UN Security Council and General Assembly.

Certainly, you and the CBC are interested in accurate reporting. Unfortunately, there is a strong campaign by those who benefit from the illegal occupation who control the narrative.

Independent Jewish Voices, a Canadian group, actually supports BDS. The Jewish community is not monolithic in it’s view of the situation as Netanyahu would want people to believe.

I trust CBC to report accurately. Your report was an attempt to be faithful but showed a basic misunderstanding of BDS.

I would be happy to speak/correspond further with you on this subject. I would be happy to provide you with background material which could actually improve your understanding on this subject.

Rev. Steve Berube

Rev. Steve Berube
St. Paul’s United
404 Cleveland Ave.
Riverview, NB


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