Say “No” to the Forced Transfer of the People of Susiya

The United Church has issued a call to “Say “No” to the Forced Transfer of the People of Susiya”. 

This small village in the South Hebron Hills of Palestine is once again being threatened with demolition by the Israeli government.

On August 1, Israel’s High Court gave the new Minister of Defense two weeks to decide whether to continue negotiations. This decision is expected soon. In the absence of dialogue, it will be up to the Israeli High Court to decide if it will accept the state’s request to demolish 40 percent of the village.

We are urged to Take Action by writing to The Hon. Stephan Dion and our MP’s to ask that Canada issue a public statement calling directly on the Israeli government to immediately freeze all settlement activity and demolition orders, as well as cancel all transfer plans. A sample letter is available at the bottom of the page on the Take Action page of the UCC website.

The take Action page also has a link to a video in which residents of Susiya speak out against the demolitions and takeover of their community.

Share this appeal with your network.

Your support for the activities of UNJPPI is appreciated.
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