The Advent Peace Box in Worship and Study

United in Learning Webinar
Tuesday, September 20th, 2016
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (Eastern Time)

Course Description
The familiar Advent lectionary texts, and themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love are given new life and relevance when explored from the perspective of the struggle for a just peace in the birth place of Jesus. Find out how you can bring this into your faith community’s life through the Advent Peace Box, an entry level resource of the United Church’s Unsettling Good’s Campaign. Hear from past users about how to use the worship and workshop materials to help plan your congregation’s Advent journey. The Advent Peace Box includes intergenerational theme times, stories, prayers, suggestions for hymns and a white gift service drama. This resource has attracted new users each year it has been offered.
Who should attend?

  • Ministry personnel,
    • Worship Committee Members
    • Outreach Committee members
    • Social Justice Committee members

Free – brought to you by Mission & Service

Information about the Advent Peace Box and accompanying resources are available at the General Council Website. Feel free to click the following links to have a look at it prior to the webinar:

  • Click HERE to read more about the Advent Peace Box
  • Click HERE to download Advent Peace Box worship and workshop resources, in PDF format.

Dave Cass is a retired Civil Engineer who was born and raised in New Brunswick and has worked across Canada in Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and now Vancouver. He has a long-standing interest in social justice issues; first through Project North and the Aboriginal Rights Coalition and then in the human rights struggles of Central America through Ten Days for World Development and the Christian Task Force in Central America. He has been struck by the injustice of the Palestinian situation and the similarities to the First Nations situation here. This includes the tie to the land and the finding of ways to keep struggling and hanging onto Hope. This relates directly to the Advent Peace Box with its olive oil from Palestine and also with the themes of Advent – Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

Juanita Austin just finished her 29th year as an ordained minister with the United Church of Canada. She lives in Salmon Arm BC and currently serves the congregation of Sicamous United Church, 30 kilometers down the road. In November 2013, Juanita joined 11 others and went to Palestine and Israel to attend the International Sabeel Conference to learn about Palestinian Liberation theology and what life was like `on the ground’ for Palestinians. It profoundly changed her outlook and her life. She returned and created a photo presentation to share with congregations, Kairos groups and other interested folk, and wrote a song `O Town of Bethlehem’ which was included in the 2015 Advent Worship material from the United Church of Canada. She has also written a theme conversation called `Where there’s a Wall’ suitable for all ages, and made a model of the `security fence’ to illustrate the magnitude of the wall.

Christie Neufeldt is the Public Witness and Advocacy lead for The United Church of Canada. In this role she coordinates the Unsettling Goods: Choose Peace in Palestine and Israel campaign along with other national social justice campaigns and advocacy in areas such as mining justice and climate change. After 15 years of working at the General Council Office in similar roles, she continues to find energy from the challenge of increasing congregational and public engagement in social change.

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