Farmland Legacies

Farmland Legacies has a program whereby we can help provide meat protein to food banks. That is something which is often in short supply.

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Advent Peace box now available

Support peace in Palestine and Israel, and involve all generations in becoming a justice-seeking church. The national church’s Advent Peace Box, a practical tool for worship and study, is back for 2016 along with intergenerational worship, sermon, and workshop resources. The Peace Box’s accompanying online resources can be used for one or all four Sundays in Advent in worship, at a meeting, at a coffee time, or any other time that works for you. The box contains fairly traded products such as olive oil and soap, made in farming villages and towns in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Click here for more details, and for worship resources.

Two New Videos

Two new videos

View the following videos on YouTube from the UNJPPI website:

Night Time in Palestine
The story of one young Palestinian boy who, like 1000s of others, has been illegally imprisoned by the Israeli Army. In 2013 Jim and Jeanie were the conference musicians for an international peace conference in Jerusalem. We traveled throughout the West Bank and visited the refugee camp where this young lad lives.

Jonathan Kuttab speaking at Beit Zatoun
View a video recording of the event, The Arc of History Bends Towards Justice in Palestine, in September 2016 by Jonathan Kuttab, speaking at Beit Zatoun, Toronto.