Resignation of UNJPPI Staffperson – Kathy Bergen

October 28, 2016

Dear Member of the UNJPPI Coordinating Team:
Marianna, Steve, Curtis, Karen, Pat, Dianne,

I will not attend the meeting on November 13 and 14.  The time seems right to take a break from working with UNJPPI as staffperson and reassess how I want to spend the next years of my life.

Thank you for the opportunity I had in working with UNJPPI.  I wish you and others who will be working to formulate a strategy for the work of UNJPPI much wisdom and strength for this important work.

Kathy Bergen

October 30, 2016

Dear Kathy:

We want to thank you, Kathy, for your contributions to UNJPPI and to the struggle for the realization of human rights for the Palestinian people.   You did an amazing job of organizing the Jeff Halper tour of Canada in 2015.  It certainly helped to build the understanding of Canadians as to what was happening in Palestine and brought teams of people together as they worked on the tour.

Your suggestions of speakers for the UNJPPI conferences in 2015 and 2016 were inspired and allowed us to learn so much.  And we appreciate your encouragement which resulted in so many Mennonites coming to Saskatoon – they added so much to our time together.   We hope to continue working with them as they plan ways to grow a BDS campaign.

You have such a great commitment to creating change for the Palestinian people and we are grateful for what you have contributed to the life of UNJPPI.   We wish you well as you discern your future plans.

Marianna and Steve, co-chair UNJPPI


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