Webinar with Rev. Mitri Raheb, Bethlehem Christmas Lutheran Church

Recommended by Marianna Harris, UNJPPI Co-Chair

I just had the privilege of being part of a webinair with Mitri Raheb from Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem.  He tells the story of Christians in Palestine beginning in the 1800’s.  It is very informative.

I urge you to go to Middle East Initiative Webinars – a website of the American United Church of Christ and find the archived version of Mitri’s presentation with charts and photos included.

He ends by saying that the message from Bethlehem this Christmas is that the Christmas story is of the birth of a child under occupation – who had to flee to Egypt as a refugee and that our call is place our hope in that child and not in the Empires which seek to destroy.  That child came to bring hope in a hopeless situation and the Empire cannot steal the hope, faith and love in the heart of Palestinian Christians.

Find an hour somewhere to hear directly from Bethlehem this year.

Blessings in your celebrations.
Marianna Harris, co-chair

Editor’s Note: Composed before Christmas. Posting was delayed until the link to the archived webinar was available.


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