An Excellent Recent Paper on False Anti-Semitism

Brian McIntosh drew our attention to an excellent paper written by Professor Emeritus at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Larry Haiven, on behalf of Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV), published on their website in December, entitled ANTISEMITISM in context: Its use and abuse.”

Brian comments that
“This paper, published December 1st this year, is a brief yet fairly comprehensive account of how criticism of Israel has falsely been equated with anti-semitism, putting this in Canadian and global context.  It’s a paper that might worthily be shared with political colleagues who have something of an open mind regarding the issue, written by a Jewish activist who is one among many to cling to the claim that Israel should “not in my name” continue to brutally oppress the Palestinians by occupation and settlement expansion, as well as expand the post-second world war cry of “never again” to “never again – for anyone.”

He considers it “an excellent educational tool for those who wish to know about such things, and from a Canadian voice” and commends it to us.

Read the article.


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