Stop the Demolition of Khan Al Ahmar

You may have already heard that Khan Al Ahmar, a small Palestinian village situated in Area C, is being targeted for demolition and its people for forcible transfer.  See previous article below or see the page on the UNJPPI web site for more details.

United Church partners and allies have offered this urgent update on the situation:

On March 5th, Israeli Civil Administration issued 42 demolition orders for Khan Al Ahmar. The community was given seven days to execute the orders–they must self-demolish all homes and structures, including their school. Shlomo Lecker, the legal advocate for Khan Al Ahmar, is now trying to find a way to bring this issue before another judge. Lecker describes the situation as “extremely serious and urgent,” adding that “maximum diplomatic pressure” is required.

Take Urgent Action

Visit the Take Action Nowhere to Go for more information and action ideas to help stop the demolition of Khan Al Ahmar:

1. Write to the Hon. Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and your member of Parliament. A sample letter is provided with this Take Action.

2. If you have already written to your MP, follow your letter up with a phone call. You can find MP’s contact information by entering your postal code here. Urge your MP to call on Minister Freeland during question period to ask what actions Canada is taking to press the Israeli government to reverse the demolition orders for Khan Al Ahmar.

3. Share this Take Action on your social media networks. Use the hashtags #UCCan, #KhanAlAhmar, #Israel, #Palestine.

Please continue to apply pressure on Israeli authorities by shining the international spotlight on Khan Al Ahmar. Demolition orders could be activated as early as March 12th.


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