Update: Philippines emergency continues

Update received from United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP): Emergency Continues. 

The national United Church of Canada received the following update from the UCCP this morning, May 27, regarding the emergency situation in Marawi, on the southern Philippines island‎ of Mindanao. (See an earlier post for background.)  Please continue to pray for and support the people of Marawi and those related to the UCCP’s Dansalan College: 

  1. In MARAWI — 50 college-related families remain trapped, and need to be evacuated. Food and medicines are scarce, given extreme limitations on movement in the city, even for rescue and relief efforts.
  2. In ILIGAN City — 30 college-related families are in temporary, make-shift shelter.
  3. CAPTIVES — Whereabouts and conditions are still unknown of the seven (7) hostages from the college including the School Principal. 

Please include in prayers and support:

  • UCCP General Secretary Bishop Reuel Norman Marigza and Dansalan College President Dr Fedelinda Tawagon, now with negotiators seeking the release of the hostages.
  • UCCP efforts to assess and respond with immediate relief and to longer term recovery and rehabilitation needs.

Rev Rannieh Mercado of the UCCP General Secretariat writes: “We are immeasurably thankful to our International partners for their deep solidarity and unfailing SUPPORT during this difficult circumstance. Your standing with us becomes a source of strength and encouragement in this crisis.”

In the midst of the crisis, the UCCP has extended solidarity to all peace-loving Muslim sisters and brothers beginning their observance of Ramadan today.

The Marawi Siege has taken place just after the UCCP commemorated its 69th Anniversary on May 25,2017.  Rev Mercado affirms: “We remain intact and immovable of our steadfast faith in God and our Unity in Christ. May the God of peace & harmony bless us and be with us all!‎‎”

Dansalan College before the attack and arson. This college of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines is open to all, and has served the religiously diverse community in the southern Philippine city of Marawi since the 1950’s.


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