Worship and action resources for World Food Day, Oct 16

Throughout this week in October we are invited to take action for food justice. As the harvest is gathered and as Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike respectfully hunt and fish in preparation for winter, we give thanks for the beauty and the bounty of God’s Creation. Please set aside time in worship to give thanks, and to pray and take action for the millions around the world and in Canada who are hungry in the midst of plenty, or who are hungry because they are fleeing disasters and violence.

See the United Church’s national page for resources. The United Church and many of our own farmers are also partners with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, which also offers a special 2017 worship resource.  


Please also see a related action for October 17. In Canada, over 850,000 people use food banks each month and 1 in 8 families struggle daily to put food on the table. Together, let’s make sure that a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy is informed by their voices, backed by sufficient funding, and based in human rights! See Dignity for All’s Chew on This campaign and consider organizing or joining an event or writing a letter.

Loving God,
take our hands
ordinary as wheat or cornmeal,
daily as bread –
our stumbling generosity,
our simple actions,
and find them good enough
to help prepare the feast
for all your people.

~ from the Monthly Prayers page of the Christian Aid website. http://www.christianaid.org.uk




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