Diplomatic talks on Korea-Women’s perspectives

Earlier in January 2018, the seemingly sudden dialogue between North and South Korea made headlines around the world, and were a welcome change from mutual threats of mass destruction from the US and North Korea.

For perspectives that weren’t making into the headlines, especially women’s perspectives, have a look at CBC’s interview with Patricia Talbot, Team Leader, Church in Partnership; Asia Partnerships.

As she says, and as this article from the National Observer notes, women have enormous resources and key perspectives to offer peace talks, but so often they’re cut out of the process.

A group of about 20 Korean and Canadian women, with a banner saying Women's Leadership in the Korean Peace Process.

The women’s delegation in Vancouver, January 2018.

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Dialogue is the only way to avert a war- Korean churches statement

“War destroys all of us: we desperately appeal for peace on the Korean peninsula.”

Dear Friends,

With tensions steadily increasing between the United States and North Korea, the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) continues to call for peaceful dialogue to resolve the rising conflict between these two governments to avoid war in the Korean peninsula.

The NCCK, along with each moderator from the member churches of the NCCK, participated in a press conference to express their unified stance on a peaceful resolution.

To read the collective call and the urgent appeal to the international community for peace in Korea, please click here.

Sincerely, the NCCK International Team

Jeremiah 33:6 “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and I will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.”





SK Conference The Call Echoes weekend June 16-18

You’re invited to The Call Echoes, SK Conference events June 16, 17, 18 in Saskatoon
Register: www.sk.united-church.ca/register/ or call the Conference office.

In need of some faith revival and community? Come and be fed . . . Saskatchewan Conference does not have an annual general meeting this year, but The Call Echoes, Saskatchewan Conference’s Ministry event, is for you. This is an exciting get together for renewal, justice-seeking, learning, and celebration of our ministry is for everyone. Please help promote these events! (See below for promotion resources and details).

Come join us for a Friday retreat, Saturday singing and workshops, and the celebration of ministries banquet, and Sunday’s celebration of new ministries service. We even have a micro brewery tour and tasting! It all takes place June 16 – 18 in Saskatoon. Please register as soon as possible as registration is only open until June 5th. Some events have limited enrollment.

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Workshops and bios: June 17, Call Echoes event

Workshops and great workshop leaders! June 17, 2017: SK Conference Education Day at McClure United Church. (Map. And a flyer about the whole weekend.)

Scroll down for bios of our amazing facilitators. Please indicate your workshops preferences at www.sk.united-church.ca/register/ or call the Conference office at 306-721-3311. Workshops are free and open to the community. Lunch is $12 and you must register for it in advance. Registration and coffee at 8:30; worship is at 9:15 and workshops will begin by 10:15AM. Lunch: 12:30- 1:30, then afternoon workshops at 2:00PM- 4:15PM. Click here for a workshops flyer.  (PDF) Continue reading

Peace Treaty Seminar in Korea – May 2016

Warm greetings to you.

The United Church has received an invitation from global partner, the National Council of Churches (NCC) in Korea to recommend a participant for a 2-week Peace Treaty Workshop/Seminar being organized for May 16-24, in Korea.  The NCC Korea is seeking candidates from partner churches who would participate actively in their 2016 global campaign of education and advocacy for peace and reunification in the Korean peninsula and a campaign for a peace treaty.  It’s a good leadership development and training opportunity, for an appropriate person.  This could be for a young adult, with the maturity and willingness to engage in the ongoing advocacy upon return to Canada.

The workshop will include study sessions and exposure experiences, and will bring together about 20  people from around the globe willing to learn about, educate others and advocate on issues of peace and reunification in the Korean peninsula. The goals of the workshop are:

  1.  To commit to a vision of justice, peace and reconciliation in the Korean peninsula
  2.  To articulate a theological vision and hope for peace-making on the national, regional and global level
  3.  To raise awareness for the urgent need of a peace treaty among the global ecumenical community

At a minimum, the applicant should:

  • Have a valid passport that does not expire before November 2016
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to, and engagement in, The United Church of Canada (locally, regionally and/or nationally), particularly networks concerned with peace issues
  • Be willing to continue to be part of networks of education and faithful advocacy on peace and reunification in the Korean peninsula and to offer leadership to others on this issue
  • Be willing to speak to United Church groups about the experience and its impact on their faith journey
  • Have a good knowledge and critical analysis of issues related to peace, advocacy and education strategies

The majority of costs will be covered by The United Church of Canada and the NCC Korea. The participant will be expected to raise/contribute a modest amount (which could be from their congregation, etc.).

More details are on the invitation.

For more information, please contact Julie Graham at jgraham@skconf.ca


Catherine Christie

Catherine Christie is a long term overseas personnel serving the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea and the National Council of Churches in Korea.  Last fall, 2013, she shared with us reports from the Peace Train that traveled from Europe to Busan arriving in time for the World Council of Churches meeting there.  This fall, 2014, she has been on home assignment in Canada.  She is now back in Korea for another two year term.  Please read her 2014 Advent letter

UCC Statement on the Crisis in the Korean Peninsula

April 15, 2013

United Church Statement on the Crisis in the Korean Peninsula

The United Church of Canada is gravely concerned about the escalation of tension in the Korean Peninsula. We fear for the safety of the people in North and South Korea, and the whole of Northeast Asia, should a war erupt.

We are concerned by the ongoing joint military exercises of the United States and the Republic of South Korea and the mounting threats of military actions from the Governments of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), the United States, and South Korea. We fear that these provocative actions are increasing the danger of armed confrontation in the region.

The current crisis in the Korean Peninsula points to the unresolved issues in the region, including the failure to obtain a peace treaty to end the state of war, and the international sanctions against North Korea. The resolution of these issues requires re-engagement of all parties in finding lasting solutions to the problems in the Korean Peninsula.

We call on the Government of Canada to help in promoting an atmosphere conducive to renewed negotiations among the states involved in the conflict by renewing its engagement in confidence-building measures and contact with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea urging the Governments of the United States and of North and South Korea to return to the negotiating table

In solidarity with partners in South and North Korea, we urge the Governments of the DPRK, South Korea, and the United States to reduce the tension by exercising extreme restraint in their actions and rhetoric in order to avoid heightening the tension, and stopping the joint military exercises of the United States and the Republic of Korea.

We encourage United Church members to remember the people of North and South Korea in their prayers. Consider using the Korean Common Prayer for Peace and Unification from the World Council of Churches (http://www.oikoumene.org/en/resources/documents/other-ecumenical-bodies/korean-common-prayer-for-peace-and-unification). We ask God to comfort and keep them safe as they face the terror of the mounting crisis. We pray for the enlightenment of the leaders of all countries involved so that they may seek the way to peace, rather than destruction.

“God of Life, lead us to justice and peace.”

Michael Blair
Executive Minister Church in Mission
The United Church of Canada